Introducing the Biomedical & Animal Research News (BARN) Digest

Posted: by Mary Harvie on 10/07/24

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Introducing the Biomedical & Animal Research News (BARN) Digest

Are you looking for recent examples of animal testing in the news? Do you want to keep up to date with 3Rs and funding news? If so, the Biomedical & Animal Research News (BARN) Digest could be an invaluable resource for you. 

The BARN Digest is a news feed which features animal research news from UAR members and Concordat Signatories, including leading organisations like The University of Oxford, The Francis Crick Institute, the NC3Rs, and the MRC.  

Updated daily, the newsfeed pulls together publications from the websites of more than 80 different organisations that carry out, fund, or support animal research in the UK, as well as featuring relevant articles from mainstream news outlets such as the BBC

The BARN digest will feature all manner of news related to animal testing. Medical studies and drug development will feature alongside 3Rs and animal welfare research, regulatory and funding updates, and relevant environmental and conservation research. 


Coming soon: 

  • Future updates to BARN include a monthly archive so you can reference past articles easily. 
  • A weekly newsletter summarising the articles featured on BARN in the last 7 days. 

The Biomedical & Animal Research News Digest

A new resource housing the latest news in human and animal health research from the UK and beyond. Take a look inside the BARN Digest for all the major breakthroughs and updates from UAR members and Concordat Signatories!

BARN Digest

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