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What is animal research?

Scientific research using animals is vital to our continued and improved understanding of human and animal health. Animals are used to help us understand living organisms, study disease, and develop and test new medical treatments. 

Animal research is also used to keep people, animals and the environment safe from new medicines and chemicals. Animal research is heavily regulated in the UK and can only take place with permission from the Home Office and when there is no other way to do the research.

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About UAR

Understanding Animal Research is a Mutual Society (not-for-profit organisation) that explains why and how animals are used in medical and scientific research. We aim to achieve a broad understanding of the humane use of animals in medical, veterinary, scientific, and environmental research in the UK. We are funded by our members who include universities, professional societies, industry and charities. 

The information provided by Understanding Animal Research is based on thorough research and an understanding of the facts, historical and scientific.

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Openness in Animal Research Conference RETURNS in 2026

Due to the success of the 2024 Openness Conference and the overwhelming demand from conference attendees to do it again, we are delighted to announce that our second Openness Conference will take place in early summer 2026.

The Openness Conference is a rare opportunity to bring together colleagues from across the world who have a professional interest in openness and improving laboratory animal welfare, whether or not they have an openness agreement in place or are working towards one.

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