Mice vote Green

Posted: by on 19/03/10

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Mice vote Green

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mice–illustration–vote–sign.jpgSimon Jenkins, writing in The Guardian on Friday, asserted that giving animals rights leads to moral chaos. His piece, both amusing and serious, alludes to a recent bit of fun in the pro-hunting magazine, Country Life, which speculates about which political party different animals would vote for.

Mice would definitely vote Green, as the only political party, in the UK at least, that is opposed to animal research - although there are signs that even the Greens are becoming more pro-science.

Simon Jenkins is generally critical of the notion of animal rights, and quotes Jeremy Bentham. The utilitarian philosopher is widely recognised as an early proponent of animal rights, but he said that natural rights are 'nonsense on stilts'.

The recent Swiss case in which a fish got legal representation and subsequently won 6,000 friends on Facebook, despite the fact that it had already been eaten, shows just how far this nonsense can go.

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