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leaflets.jpgSix new leaflets have been published by Understanding Animal Research, providing an overview of aspects of animal research. They are suitable for school projects, as background for journalists, and to support public outreach activities by animal research organisations.

As well as providing facts and figures about animal research in the UK, the leaflets also cover how and why animals are used in research, how animals are cared for in the laboratory, and the strict controls that govern this research.

The leaflets include links to futher information on the Understanding Animal Research website and other resources. They may be downloaded from our document library on the site, where you can also request hard copies of individual leaflets or the complete set.

The titles of the colourful A5 four-page leaflets are:

  • Why do we use animals in medical research?
  • Animal research has benefits for us all – and for animals too
  • How much animal research is done in the UK?
  • From test tube to patient: the making of a medicine
  • How is animal research regulated?
  • Animal welfare and the three Rs: replacement, refinement and reduction
To request copies of the leaflets by post, please use the ‘request hard copies’ form in the document library.

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