Brain Injury Week 13th - 19th May 2013

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brain–injury–xray.jpgThis year's Action for Brain Injury Week (ABI Week) will see the launch of a positive campaign aimed at GPs to assist them with diagnosing and appropriately signposting patients and carers affected by the often hidden aspects of brain injury.

UAR has produced a new briefing on brain injury and updated our previous briefing on stroke to show how animal research is being used to improve medical treatments for these conditions.

Animal research is used throughout research into brain injury. Work with animals is pointing the way to new ways of delivering drugs to brain tumours, reducing the damaging impact of strokes, and laying the foundations for the possibility of brain repair in the future.

Please see our new webpage on Brain Injury in Animal Research Information here:

You can also see some related science news below:

Magnetic medicines treat brain tumours

The barrier between blood vessels and the brain may no longer limit the delivery of medicines to tumours, research on rats shows.

‘Trojan Horse’ brain cancer treatment increases lifespan

A cancer-killing virus was introduced into neural stem cells (NSCs) and these infected cells were introduced into mouse brain tumours.

Treating brain secondaries in mice with breast cancer

Medicine vorinostat can cross the blood-brain barrier, and reduce the development of brain tumours in mice.

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