Video of the week - NC3Rs Dog Husbandry

13 October 2015

Posted by: Richard Scrase

Category: Video of the week

NC3Rs Dog managment 

This week we are featuring a page from the NC3Rs website that provides advice on the housing of laboratory dogs. The page includes a number of video clips, mostly with audio commentary, images and comprehensive textual information that demonstrate aspects of dog behaviour and management. This page provides advice on the housing of laboratory dogs, tools for their welfare assessment, and suggestions for refinement of procedures used in safety assessment studies.

As I am not a dog owner this page revealed subtleties of dog behaviour that have previously escaped me. I can imagine that the clips are very useful teaching aids to animal technologists who are new to dog-caring and useful reminders to research and support staff working with dogs.

With my work for UAR I have filmed dogs on several occasions (see below). Next time I find myself in a facility with dogs I will watch their behaviour with new eyes.