The teenager who took a stand against animal rights protesters

Posted: on 31/03/11

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protest–signs.jpgLaurie Pycroft, who founded Pro-Test five years ago, was profiled in The Independent Education section today.

Understanding Animal Research worked hard with Pro-Test to get publicity for their 'final' event, a fifth anniversary celebration in Oxford last month. We also interviewed Laurie and Tom Holder, a Pro-Test leader, at that event (see below).

The Independent concludes 'Although the climate may have become more tolerant, the need to keep arguing the case persists.' Quoting Laurie, 'As with any area of medical ethics it is something that is constantly developing. It is not a debate that is ever going to end. In the next century or possibly more we will get to the point where we don't need to do animal testing any more, and at that point we should stop doing it. But to get to that point we will have to develop computer models, but we will need to test these against animal models first'.

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