Ten years old and nothing gained

Posted: by on 26/11/09

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Ten years old and nothing gained

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The animal rights extremist group SHAC is 10 years old this month. But the activists who fly this flag have nothing to celebrate. Their leaders are serving long sentences in prison and more of their leading activists face trial early in 2010. Their primary target, Huntingdon Life Sciences, which SHAC vowed to close down in three years, is still a strong bioscience business even in these recessionary times.

HLS, or rather its parent company Life Sciences Research Inc, was listed on the NYSE, which had been targetted by SHAC campaigns. It delisted as of this week from the NYSE following a 'privatisation' merger. The full implications of this are currently unclear, except that it will make targetting the company's financing yet more difficult for SHAC.

To mark the passing of a turbulent decade of campaiging, we have a new section of the website devoted to animal rights extremism. Our seven pages put UK animal rights extremism and threats in perspective by looking at the history of extremism; laws and policing; and groups, campaigns and tactics past and present.

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