Leaders in Openness 2023 - 2026

Posted: by Hannah Hobson on 11/05/23

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Leaders in Openness 2023 - 2026

UAR is delighted to announce that the University of Edinburgh has been granted Leader in Openness status.

This May we celebrate nine years since the launch of the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK, a voluntary code of practice that commits signatory organisations to enhance their animal research communications. s

Each year we see Concordat signatories develop new projects and communication methods to explain how they conduct, fund, or support animal research. While every Concordat signatory is on their own openness journey, there are those who drive openness forwards and act as models for other organisations. These are the organisations that are regarded as Leaders in Openness.

Leaders in Openness are Concordat signatories who commit considerable resource and energy to following best practice, embedding openness within their organisations, and making the aims of the Concordat a reality. These organisations are essential to moving conversations about the use of animals in research forwards and embedding change in the bioscience sector. In recognising the achievement of these organisations, we hope to share their practices more widely, with the aim of supporting similar organisations on their own openness journeys.

The University of Edinburgh has shown excellence in their use of internal communications, public-facing websites, media communications and public engagement activities, setting a high standard for all research organisations that use animals, and leading by example.

The University of Edinburgh was originally granted Leader in Openness status in 2020 and has successfully renewed its status via a reapplication process. The university was required to submit evidence to show how its communication activities were still sector-leading in 2023. The application was assessed by members of the public and we are delighted that the university was still found to be leading.


The University of Edinburgh joins the following list of Leaders in Openness:

Leaders in Openness 2021 – 2024:

Leaders in Openness for 2022 – 2025:

Congratulations to the University of Edinburgh!

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