Creation of new Animal Welfare Centre in Scotland

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sheep.jpgThe Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) is to coordinate a major, new, EU funded, research project to create a Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science. The SAC will work with nine other countries to develop more widely agreed standards of assessing on-farm animal welfare, with particular reference to pain.

The 4 year project will include studies on sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and turkeys. One of the aims is to establish an on line, 'one stop shop' information resource for researchers, students, teachers and others.

According to SAC’s new Professor of Animal Health and Welfare, Brazilian-born Adroaldo Zanella who will lead the project, the UK has offered unmatched leadership in animal welfare across the globe.

SAC staff also help deliver an Animal Welfare MSc course with University of Edinburgh. More than 400 graduates from that course have gone on to influence animals welfare across the world.

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