Beagle breeding planning appeal fails

Posted: on 30/01/12

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Beagle breeding planning appeal fails

dog–beagle.jpgOn Thursday 26 January, we learned that Communities Secretary Eric Pickles had agreed with the recommendations of a planning appeal inspector and dismissed the planning appeal by B&K animal breeders in East Yorkshire. So permission to expand its laboratory beagle breeding facilities has been refused, pending further appeal.

The local Council had initially rejected the planning application on the grounds of uncertainty about highway access. But in judging the B&K appeal that issue was resolved in the company’s favour. Ironically, the appeal was turned down because of two other issues. These were the perceived negative impact of the proposal on adjacent listed buildings, and the negative impact the development might have on the local residents.

This decision is not related to the rights and wrongs of breeding animals for research, indeed it can be argued that it is bad for the dogs because they will be denied improved conditions.

Despite the fact that animal rights and antivivisection groups did not argue their case on planning grounds, they are falling over themselves to claim credit. No surprise there. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (apparently supported by celebrities such as Ricky Gervais) the National Anti Vivisection Alliance and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have all pronounced it a great victory.

Assorted tweeters are now circulating this story as:

@Sheri_ls Sheri Leblanc Great! Ricky Gervais, others shut down facility raising beagles 4 medical testing: via @DobieHouson

B&K has six weeks to consider whether to challenge the planning decision by taking it to the High Court.

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