BBC interviews UAR about beagle breeding plans

7 June 2011

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Category: Antivivisection & extremism

beagle–breeders–scientist.jpgAnimal rights protestors are targeting the beagle breeding company B&K Universal's plans for modernisation of their site in Grimston. Much of the media attention had been one-sided with the protestors getting most of the coverage.

UAR stepped in to provide a balancing voice giving interviews to BBC Look North; Radio Humberside and the local press. The reaction of viewers and listeners was positive recognising the vital role that animal research plays in developing new medicines and treatments.

Watch an interview with David Pruce (UAR Chief Executive) on BBC Look North here. The main interview is at the start of the programme. At the end of the programme at around 27 minutes we hear four viewers' comments that are favourable to animal research.

Listen to the interview with Radio Humberside here. It starts at around 1:07:30 and ends at 1:13:35.