Animal research in conversation

Posted: by UAR News on 26/10/18

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Animal research in conversation

Animal Research Nexus (AnNex) has the aim of 'Delivering new thinking, research, and engagement to increase understanding of the social relations around animal research.'

Using animals in scientific research has been critical to the development of modern medicine. Animal research is also contingent on a complex network of social relations and ethical obligations across science and society, which are both formally constituted through law, and informal or assumed. These entanglements can be understood as the Animal Research Nexus

Our work seeks to understand the changing nature of these relations and obligations through new social and historical research ...

One area of their research is into 'the forms of dialogue between stakeholders, scientists, and publics that might contribute to remaking social contracts across the animal research nexus in the UK.'

This led to a conversation with Dr Francesco Tamagnini who has filmed a facilitated conversation between three volunteers from the Alzheimer’s Society Research Network, three Alzheimer’s researchers, and the lay member of an Animal Welfare and Ethics Review Board. You can read more about Francesco’s film on the Animal Research Nexus Blog.

'This film shows that people can talk across these differences, through listening to each other, exploring what is distinctive about their position, and reflecting on the responsibilities for research ethics, for patient advocacy, and for animal welfare that come with their different roles.'


You can read about the participants in this conversation in the AnNex blog here: There are also filmed interviews with the scientists talking about their work embedded in the blog.


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