Other information sources

A few links to various sources of media information on animal research.

Home Office

Provides detailed information about the legislation and the numbers of animals used in the UK.

Press office (contact news desk for animal research): 020 7035 3535

Association of Medical Research Charities

Provides information and guidance to improve public dialogue about research and science on behalf of its member charities.


The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) is an independent scientific organisation funding 3Rs research.

Press office: media@nc3rs.org.uk 020 7611 2233


UK charity which helps promote best practice in laboratory animal welfare but believes that replacing the use of animals in research must be the ultimate goal.

Press office: press@rspca.org.uk 0300 123 0244


Antivivisection group which campaigns to 'create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals'.

Press office: fleur.dawes@buav.org 020 7619 6978

Animal Aid

Animal rights group established in 1977 to campaign peacefully against all forms of animal use.

Press office: 01732 364546

Science Media Centre

An independent venture to promote the voices, stories and views of the scientific community to the national media.

Contact: smc@sciencemediacentre.org 020 7611 8365

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