Wendy Jarrett: Changing attitudes towards animal research

In this episode of the Research Comms podcast, Wendy Jarrett, CEO of Understanding Animal Research, talks about changing attitudes towards animal research over the past thirty years, about some of the most common myths that opponents use in arguments against animal research, and how scientists should communicate with members of the public about the use of animals in their research.

Also available on spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1xnVjr4NKPNnCQAd3vLgfq

The Research Comms podcast is presented by Peter Barker, director of Orinoco Communications, a digital communications and content creation agency that specialises in communicating research through videos, animations and podcasts. You can find more interviews here: https://www.orinococomms.com/podcast

Last edited: 17 January 2022 17:46

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