Openness Awards 2022

On Monday, 5 December 2022, UAR hosted the ninth annual Openness Awards and 85th Stephen Paget Memorial Lecture at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

The first award of the evening was presented by Cherry Wainwright, Research Professor at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and the event's Paget Lecturer, to the University of Manchester for its multi-platform approach to engagement. The second award was presented by Lesley Penny, Director of Bioresearch and Veterinary Services at the University of Edinburgh, to the Francis Crick Institute, for its public engagement activities; in particular its use of Instagram stories. The third award was presented by Claire Cockcroft, Director of the Thatcher Scholarship Programme at Somervill College Oxford, to the University of Reading for its novel and sophisticated approach to communicating challenging issues. The final award of the evening was presented by Wendy Jarrett to Bella Lear, Chief Executive at Understanding Animal Research Oceania, for her unwavering commitment to Openness during her time as Head of Engagement at UAR.

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