2022 Paget Lecture: The Heart of the Matter

Professor Cherry Wainwright presented the 85th Paget Lecture, with her talk "Getting to the Heart of the Matter: How animal research has helped us understand and treat cardiovascular disease".

Cherry is the Director of the Centre for Cardiometabolic Health Research and Co-Director of the Centre for Natural Products in Health at Robert Gordon University; she is also a member of her university's AWERB. Cherry is currently Vice President (Meetings) for the British Pharmacological Society, and within the BPS she has served on the Integrated Pharmacology and Animal Welfare Panel for several years.  

Her research focuses on cardiovascular disease, where she looks at the mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of the disease to identify novel therapeutic targets for treating cardiovascular diseases. 

Cherry has worked with numerous animal models throughout her career, from rodents and rabbits to larger animals such as pigs and dogs. When she moved to Robert Gordon University in 2003, the university didn’t have an animal facility, so she focused on cell work. However, because the cardiovascular system is fully integrated, and changes can affect the whole body, she faced limitations. So, the university applied for an establishment licence, which meant Cherry was able to work with mice again.

Before the lecture, UAR interviewed Cherry about her career.

From Egyptian mummies to modern-day stents, Cherry covered key milestones in cardiovascular disease research during her lecture. She spoke about the many animal models she and her collaborators used to understand and treat heart disease, as well as the limitations experienced in this field. 

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