#WW award for NC3Rs review

Posted: on 5/10/11

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#WW award for NC3Rs review

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globe–wednesday–winner.jpgOur Wedneday Winner today is the NC3Rs for producing a really clear, accessible and comprehensive review of the work it funds. Packed with 14 interesting case studies, this is a must read for anybody communicating about animal research. And it's full of fascinating examples of bioscience and features the scientists leading the work, so it's worth anyone interested in science taking a look as well.

The aim of the NC3Rs Research Review 2011 is to showcase the work that NC3Rs funds and co-ordinates – practical science that aims to reduce, replace or refine the use of animals in research. This research is providing relevant, robust and predictable models and tools for scientists to use in medical research.

'By using human platelets in my refined model I have been able to cut the number of mice from 200 to 15 per experiment.'

'We have helped ten other diabetes research groups adopt the use of our improved pseudo-islet model and as a result the reduction in mouse use we have seen in our lab, by about 1000 animals a year, should be amplified.'

monitor–computer.jpgThis report contains many such quotes and examples, clearly demonstrating the impact of NC3Rs funded research.

The NC3Rs is a scientific organisation supported by Government, but it also receives funding from the charitable and industrial sectors. The Centre has an annual budget of approximately £5.5 million and is the UK's major funder of 3Rs research.

Further information about the NC3Rs can be found at www.nc3rs.org.uk and this report can be downloaded in full here.

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