#WW award for ... Animal research is helping us beat cancer

Posted: by on 22/06/11

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#WW award for ... Animal research is helping us beat cancer

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globe–wednesday–winner.jpg'Thanks to decades of research, survival from cancer has doubled in the last 40 years, giving thousands of people more time with their loved ones.

Studies using animals have underpinned virtually all the progress that has been made in understanding and treating cancer over the past century, from giving clues to causes of the disease to showing us the best ways to treat it.

For example, the breast cancer drug tamoxifen — arguably one of the most important cancer drugs of all time – was developed with the aid of animal research. Over the years, it has saved hundreds of thousands of women's lives.'

Dr David Scott, Director of Science Funding, Cancer UK

We are very happy to award David our web-award for communication this month. David explained clearly and succinctly how and why Cancer Research UK funds animal research.

Read his full blog here. It contains many other examples of how animal research has helped cancer patients, and links to further information. We believe it should stand as a permanent source of reliable information for anyone interested in thjis subject.

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