What R you watching? An interactive resource for schools

Posted: by on 29/06/10

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What R you watching? An interactive resource for schools

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school–zone–watching.jpgWhat R you watching? our latest online interactive educational resource, is now live on the UAR site.

The activity helps explain the concepts behind the 3Rs of replacement, reduction and refinement by showing them in action. In six short video clips scientists and technicians explain what they have done to improve animal welfare or reduce animal use in an important area of medical research. By watching the clips and trying to decide which of the 3Rs is being described, users can develop a better understanding of some of the realities of working with research animals.

The activity has been designed as an appealing introduction to the 3Rs and how they are applied in real life. The clips also show some of the benefits that animals bring to medical progress in areas as diverse as the study of heart function to the search for treatments for glaucoma, papillomavirus and schistosomiasis.

Try it now, get instant feedback on how you do, and pass it on.

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