Volunteer to be a school speaker

Posted: on 26/07/12

Volunteer to be a school speaker

schools-poster-competition.jpgThe holidays are upon us but schools are already girding themselves ready for a new term in September. The UAR education team are girding along with them, aiming to co-ordinate 100 school talks with volunteers around the country by Christmas, while keeping an eye on Science Week coming up in March of 2013.

The fantastic efforts of UAR volunteers last school year mean that close to 10,000 young people across the country learned first-hand what animal research really means. We hope that the UAR school poster which we have glimpsed on many school walls will consolidate that message and encourage a deeper understanding of this difficult but fascinating subject.

But we always need more volunteers and more teachers so training events are planned for Sheffield and London in September and we will be working with the excellent education team at the Biochemical Society to develop and deliver an animal research module to add to the 'Dialogue in Science' Continuous Professional Development programme which reaches dozens of teachers every year.

In the meantime, the two UAR rubber rats, Wensley and Dale, will continue to get plenty of exercise in schools in London and beyond, giving young people a taste of the realities of animal research through hands-on (fake) blood sampling practice.

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