UAR sets up a new website:

Posted: by UAR News on 5/03/13

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UAR sets up a new website:

globe.jpgAnimal rights activists have created an exaggerated impression of their movement by their use of social and other media channels. Extremist websites are used by the media as information sources adding to the imbalance and further exaggerating the threat of extremism.

Now Understanding Animal Research is launching a new information service to redress the balance. This includes this new website - - dedicated to providing credible, contextual, accurate and balanced information about animal rights extremism (ARE).

By reaching out to key global audiences such as biomedical organizations, journalists and the wider public we wish to provide comprehensive information about ARE without exaggerating the problem.

We aim to put the threat of extremism into perspective so that researchers, their institutions and anyone associated with the sector can make informed decisions about bioscience issues. At the same time we are providing links to sources of advice and support for those targeted by animal rights extremism.

Our site will compile news reports of animal rights extremism across the globe, with an initial emphasis on Europe. Where possible, we will be providing our news in the language of the country where the ARE incident occurs, as well as English.

We are also providing background resources in different languages, primarily aimed at the media, to provide a historical and social context to the animal rights movements and the extremists who occasionally emerge from their midst.

Please contact us with suggestions for this site by emailing the editor at We look forward to hearing from you and working together to put the threat of animal rights extremism in its proper perspective.

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