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Posted: by UAR News on 15/01/14

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Science Action Network

internet–drawing.jpgIt’s been over a year since the Science Action Network was launched yet it remains an important tool in dispelling the misinformation online about research on animals.

See it, Tweet it!

The idea is simple - we ask people to tweet links that contain misleading or incorrect information about animal research with the hashtag #ARnonsense. It works best to tweet links where people can take an action e.g. leave a comment, vote on a poll, or write a letter to an editor. Make sure you’re following @ARnonsenseRT on Twitter, then your tweet will be re-tweeted to everyone in the Science Action Network (those following @ARnonsenseRT).

Take 5 minutes a week to respond

Now comes the second part. Keep an eye on the @ARnonsenseRT account on Twitter (you don’t even need a Twitter account to do this), or search for #ARnonsense on Twitter. When you see a posted link, follow it and try to leave a comment, or otherwise respond, to help inform people of the important and carefully regulated role of animals in research. Understanding Animal Research also post occasional #ARnonsense updates on our Facebook group, so keep an eye on that as well (the rest of our posts cover the latest amazing science involving animals).

Help! What do I write?

Understanding Animal Research has provided a number of resources to help people to respond to misinformation on the net. The first is our 40 reasons for research page, which provides 40 one-liners which can be mixed and matched to create an argument (I suggest using 3 lines which appeal to you). General mythbusting can also be found here (UAR not responsible for external content):

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