Schools poster - competition winner announced

Posted: by UAR News on 26/06/12

Schools poster - competition winner announced

schools-poster-competition.jpgUAR’s poster on the wall at Saint John Bosco College

At the beginning of May the Education Team sent out a brand new poster on the medicine development process to all secondary schools and FE colleges in the UK. The big, bright and bold poster shows the small but vital role that animals play in medical research, from basic research through to prescription a monitoring of a new treatment. It covers key concepts such as the placebo effect and randomised double-blind trials as well as important facts about animal research.

To encourage teachers to get the poster into the classroom we asked schools to send us a photo of the poster up on the wall to enter a prize draw for a JVC Everio camcorder. The pictures poured in and we are delighted to announce that the winning school was Saint John Bosco College in London. They are a Catholic College in Wandsworth that just opened in September 2011. We’re very excited about presenting the camcorder to them soon.

The feedback on the poster from teachers has been brilliant and we’re thrilled that it’s proving to be so useful.

“…It was fantastic to see all the details presented so well and concisely on an information poster. … I thought the poster to be a great way of presenting a potentially controversial subject matter. (I would love another copy so I can use it during teaching whilst leaving the original in place on the wall!)” Teacher, Neath

“Got the poster today – had a look – put it straight up on the wall!” Teacher, Bedford

If you would like your own copy of the poster or are interested in speaking in schools with UAR then get in touch with Alex at We’d love to see photos of your copies up on the wall too!

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