Of mice and men - new video

Posted: on 12/10/11

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Watch the 'Of Mice and Men' videos to see how GM mice are used to study human disease. These are edited versions of live presentations filmed live at the British Science Festival, Bradford.

In the first film Dr Sara Wells (MRC, Harwell) talks about how genetically engineered mice help in the search for treatments for disease. This is a general introduction explaining how GM mice are helping us discover the genetic causes of disease. This presentation is suitable for students taking A-level Biology and related subjects.

This talk was followed by Dr Paul Potter (MRC, Harwell) who gave a specific case study into 'Glue Ear'. Work with mice has revealed the genetic basis for glue ear and suggests that treatment with grommets works by letting in oxygen rather than releasing pus.

These talks were hosted at the British Science Festival by Understanding Animal Research.


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