Novo Nordisk wins Corporate Responsibility award

Posted: by UAR News on 1/05/13

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Novo Nordisk wins Corporate Responsibility award

novo-nordisk-logo.jpgThe annual Corporate Responsibility Reporting Awards were handed out at the Royal Society earlier this week. The Pharmaceutical sector did well with Novo Nordisk winning best 'integrated report' category while GSK Romania were second best runner up in the Best First Time Report category.

Corporate responsibility reporting covers different aspects of a corporations impact depending on the sector, but typically cover issues such as worker conditions, energy consumption and material use and disposal.

An international reporting structure, the Global Reporting Initiative, is commonly used, as are methods of external audit or 'assurance' to check reporting is accurate and complete.

CR reporting is a model of corporate transparency that might well inform the Concordat on Openness in Animal Research process we are currently going through to determine the best way to communicate to the public, our employees, and other groups about animal research.

The full Corporate Responsibility reports from Novo Nordisk and GSK Romania and many others as well as more details about the awards can be found here:

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