New video: Why do we use animals in research?

Posted: on 26/11/10

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In this short interview with Dr Simon Festing, we hear his response to questions such as: Why is their so much secrecy in animal research? and Can't we do without animals in medical research?

If you would like to ask questions that were not covered in the interview please contact us.

These are the questions asked:

  1. Why is it necessary to test potential medicines on animals, why can't we use a combination of tests on human cells and tissues and tests on people?
  2. Aren't animals different to humans?
  3. But aren't tests on animals unreliable?
  4. If the use of animal testing was banned surely the scientific community would be forced to develop better models and other alternatives?
  5. Are not many animal tests cruel? Causing pain and suffering?
  6. So what medical improvements have we gained from medical experimentation?
  7. Why is there so much secrecy about animal experimentation - what has the research community got to hide?
  8. How do you explain the fact that so many videos put out by anti-animal testing organisations show cruelty to animals?

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