NEW! Classroom poster

Posted: on 25/04/12

NEW! Classroom poster

This month Understanding Animal Research will post out around 4,000 A1 posters to every secondary school and FE college in the country. Discovering New Medicines is a colourful and informative classroom poster that takes the student through the medicines development process, from basic research to clinical trials and treatment approval.

The poster includes key facts – such as 8 out of 10 animals used in medical research are rats and mice – and explains key concepts such as double blind randomised trials and the placebo effect.

A panel of secondary school teachers took part in the poster design process, ensuring a good match between the resource and both the school curriculum and the intended student audience.

Understanding Animal Research has produced and is promoting this poster as part of its continuing educational outreach work. In the last school year, UAR organised over 300 school visits involving around 10,000 students. This poster will add to the free resources already available to teachers from UAR. Other resources for teachers and students can be seen in the schoolzone, teachers' zone and resources areas of this website.

UAR is grateful to the Biomedical Research Education Trust for co-funding the Discovering New Medicines poster. If you would like a copy please contact us by email: or download a high resolution copy.

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