Free iBook: Primates in Medical Research now available

Posted: by UAR News on 27/08/13

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Free iBook: Primates in Medical Research now available

book-primates–medical–research.jpgPrimates in Medical Research

How do researchers work with primates? Which species do they use? What has research with primates revealed? How are the primates looked after?

These are the questions answered in our new iBook,Primates in Medical Research. Making full use of the iBook’s capability to show video, images and sound,Primates in Medical Research shows the vital role of primates in medical research. The iBook feature recent video clips recorded in primate research and breeding facilities in the UK, US and Israel. Its galleries include over 80 images of primates that illustrate the iBook’s 71 pages, along with archive material and a timeline showing medical advances with primates stretching back a century.

Primates in Medical Research is free to download from iTunes. Currently it can only be viewed on iPads. A PDF version can be downloaded from our website here. This is the first version of Primates in Medical Research so please email any comments for later versions to

Primates in Medical Research was produced by Understanding Animal Research in collaboration with primate specialist Dr Moshe Bushmitz.

Please download here:

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