European medical science group states position on new law

Posted: on 25/02/11

european–medical–science–group.jpgThe medical science group within the European Science Forum (ESF-EMRC) has produced a position paper on the new Directive on the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Procedures.

The new European Directive 2010/63/EU was finalised and came into force across the EU in November 2010. European countries are now in the process of transposing the Directive. This involves taking the text of the Directive, agreed in Europe, and putting it into practice in their own country (see our policy pages for background on the Directive).

The ESF-EMRC position paper aims to raise awareness of the implications of the revised Directive. It summarises the key issues that the group believes will need particular consideration when member states are incorporating the Directive into their own laws.

The tone of the paper is intended to encourage scientists and scientific organisations to speak out and participate in the transposition of the Directive. In the UK there will be a public consultation carried out by the Home Office to gauge opinion on a number of issues. Now more than ever it is important that scientists take an interest in the law regarding animal research, especially by providing evidence where possible.

‘We are now entering a critical period for the future of animal research in Europe. Scientists must be vigilant that their governments now enact legislation that is in keeping with the more positive spirit of the Directive. That legislation should continue to allow the responsible use of animals in research for maximum scientific, medical and veterinary benefit carried out in conditions that optimise animal welfare. Scientists must therefore be ready to participate in the translation of the Directive in national legislation. In addition, they should try to participate as experts in the different committees involved and provide the EC with valuable scientific results on the development and limits of alternative methods, the upper and lower thresholds and the impact of the Directive on animal welfare and science.'

UAR has developed a briefing for UK institutions with background information on the Directive.

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