EU directive on animal research becomes law

Posted: by UAR News on 23/09/10

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EU directive on animal research becomes law

president–european–parliament.jpgYesterday the President of the European Parliament, and the Belgian State Secretary (representing the EU countries) put pen to paper and signed the new EU Directive 8869/10 in the use of animals in scientific research.

The result of a revision process which started in November 2008, the new Directive, will replace the original Directive which has been in place since 1986. It was revised to harmonise animal research legislation across European countries, and aims to strengthen the protection for animals, whilst allowing vital research to continue.

'The new EU directive is a breakthrough for animal welfare in Europe and is also a good balance between animal welfare and research. In addition to high animal welfare standards, the legitimate concerns of sick people are also taken into account' stressed the Parliament rapporteur Elisabeth Jeggle.

The addition of the signatures to the document means that the Directive is formally considered to be European Law. It will now enter into a period of transposition, whereby all the member states in Europe must put it into practice in their own country by January 2013.

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