What we do

We aim to achieve a broad understanding of the humane use of animals in medical, veterinary, scientific and environmental research and to do this we seek to engage with and inform members of the public, the media, policy makers, schools and the scientific research community.

Social media

We use social media to communicate key information on the use of animals in scientific research including how and why animals are used in UK science.
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We create videos on the subject of animal research, how animal testing is carried out, and the research that results from studies that use animals. You can watch our videos on YouTube and you can download our free to use videos from our video library.

Free to use resources

Understanding Animal Research provides information and educational materials based on thorough research and understanding of the facts, historical and scientific, find them in our resources section.

Schools programme

We also run a schools programme that takes animal technologists and scientists into schools to talk about their work. You can book a visit here.

Supporting journalists

We support journalists to tell stories about animal research. If you are a journalist or producer and need help please contact cmagee@uar.org.uk and he can help you find interviewees and institutions to visit.


We also support the bioscience community in their communication with the government about the policy and law that regulates this sector. If you need help please contact cmagee@uar.org.uk.

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