NAVA leader pleads guilty in extremism trial

17 July 2012

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Category: Antivivisection & extremism

police–car.jpgThe trial of activist Luke Steele started today (Tuesday), and UAR have learned that he has pleaded guilty to some of the charges levelled at him, including harassment. The trial was expected to last several weeks but has now been adjourned.

Steele was arrested while appearing at a protest in January on several charges including conspiracy to blackmail, which can lead to a maximum 14 years in prison. This is the same charge that was levelled against Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) activists in 2010. Steele was also charged with breaking an injunction.

Steele is the head of the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA), and is known as half of the ‘Harlan two’ along with Jonathan White, who was also on trial. The pair have led repeated protests in the midlands targeting Harlan Laboratories. Last year, he was convicted of ‘conspiracy to interfere with a contractual relationship’, relating to activities surrounding a farm that supplies rabbits to research facilities.

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