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Check out these recommended websites for more about biological science and the role of animal research.


The Big Picture

Bringing cutting-edge science into the classroom. Published twice a year, 'Big Picture' is a free post-16 teachers resource from the Wellcome Trust that explores issues around biology and medicine.


Centre of the cell

An excellent suite of teaching resources exploring every aspect of cellular biology including the ethics of animal research.



A huge range of teaching materials from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry with an emphasis on pharmacology.



Everything you need to know about the 3Rs of Replacement, Refinement and Reduction: what is being done to reduce the numbers and suffering of animals used in research.


Medical Mouse

Learn about the world of the animal technologists, the people whose job it is to look after the daily welfare of laboratory animals, in these interactive materials developed by the Institute of animal Technology and including careers information.



A debate about animal research from the BBC, based on a Newsround item about a visit to an animal research unit.

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