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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Tidmarsh

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This week in animal research 04/11/16

Protein speeds spinal repair in zebrafish Mammals are not capable of regenerating complex nervous tissue after a severe spinal cord injury, which can often be fatal or…

This week in animal research 02/09/16

Zika: 2 billion at risk
  More than two billion people could be at risk from Zika virus outbreaks in parts of Africa and Asia, according to scientists writing in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.…

This week in animal research 01/04/16

Zika, male contraception and seals with smartphones
A new contraceptive for men is successfully tested on rabbits A new contraceptive shot called Vasalgel may soon be available to men. It has been tested on rabbits.…

The Zika fight: monkeys, and mice, and mosquitoes

Overview of Zika and the animals use in the research
The Zika virus has made the news and not in a good way. After it was linked to several cases of foetal microcephaly – a congenital anomaly where the foetus is born with a cranial…

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