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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Tidmarsh

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Can you give a brain organoid Alzheimer’s?

Someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. Over 50 million people worldwide were living with the disease in 2020, and the numbers are predicted to double every 20…

Alzheimer’s Researchers win 2018 Brain Prize

Four European scientists win Brain Prize for their work on Alzheimer´s disease, some of which used GM animals.
Bart De Strooper (London and Leuven), Michel Goedert (Cambridge), Christian Haass (Munich) and John Hardy (London) have won the 2018 Brain Prize for their groundbreaking…

Dr Mark Dallas Reddit Ask Me Anything

World Alzheimer's Month AMA with Dr Mark Dallas
To mark World Alzheimer’s Month, Understanding Animal Research organised a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) with Dr Mark Dallas on Wednesday 20th September. Mark is a Lecturer in…

This week in animal research 08/07/16

Mapping early development in mice
New anti-viral drug trial against Ebola Following trials in monkeys and safety testing in humans another anti-viral enters trials. The 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus…

This week in animal research 01 July 2016

20 years since Dolly the Cloned Sheep
Dolly at 20: The inside story on the world’s most famous sheep From incubation in a bra to an afterlife under glass, how a cloned sheep attained celebrity status.…

This week in animal research 19/02/16

This week in animal research; 3D-printed body parts, brain-in-a-dish and patient-derived xenografts.
Studies on worms may help develop a neurostatin to protect people from Alzheimer's Studies on worms have found a number of drugs which prevented the early stages of…

This week in animal research 15/01/16

Shark attacks drone, PCBs poison dolphins, Alzheimer research
  11/01/16 Microglia cause inflammation in Alzheimer mouse model Studies in laboratory mice and deceased Alzheimer’s patients shows the key role of microglia, a type of…

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