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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Tidmarsh

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The week in animal research 17/04/2015

14/04/15 Vampire bats appear to have a taste for bacon. Or to be specific, pig blood. By examining DNA found in the droppings of Brazilian vampire bats, scientists from the…

This week in animal research 130315

The best bits
09/03/15 Behavioural researchers are looking at the memory abilities of horses. Researchers hid carrots under a bucket and forced horses to wait 10 seconds before retrieving…

This week in animal research: w/e 06 March 2015

Animal research news of the week
02/03/15 Domestic cats have an exceptional sense of smell - around 14X better than humans - yet they still choose to use their eyes to find food. Veterinary researcher,…

This week in animal research: w/e 20 Feb 2015

17/02/15  A genetic study of penguins suggests they lost most of their ability for taste long ago. While taste may play an important role in telling animals what they…

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