Sharing the pie: new animal numbers activity for schools

18 January 2010

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Category: Schools education

school–zone–pie–chart–share.jpgHow much do you know about which animals are used most in medical research and which are used least? Sharing the Pie, the latest addition to the Learning Centre's suite of activities for schools, is a fun way to find out.

By dragging and dropping images of research animals onto an interactive pie chart you will discover which medical advances are associated with each species. If you are struggling, hints and tips will help point you towards the answers. The completed chart graphically illustrates how relatively rare the use of many research animals is.

Sharing the Pie is an excellent resource for any young person who wants to get a quick and accurate grasp of the subject of animals in medical science. It offers an essential tool for any secondary teacher who is looking for a lively and engaging way of raising the subject with their classes.