University of Leicester opens new animal facility

28 September 2012

Posted by: UAR news team

Category: Research & medical benefits

university-leicester.jpgSir Peter Soulsby, City Mayor of Leicester unveiled a new £16 million animal research laboratory offering state of the art facilities today. This lab will offer animal welfare standards well above the already high standards set by the British government.

Tom Fielden of the BBC radio Today programme was invited into the new facilities allowing him to see procures being carried out on mice for stroke research. You can hear his report here: (skip to 2:49:30)

University of Leicester Registrar Dave Hall said, “I was quite keen that the institution was transparent about the research that it was undertaking and justifying the reasons for that research and demonstrating what the very positive impact that it’s had on individuals lives, not just pursuit of understanding about the human organism.”

The University of Leicester continues to demonstrate it is one of the most transparent research organisations in the UK as it talks openly about the lifesaving animal research that is carries out.

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