UK bioscience sector publishes detailed response on European regulation

16 July 2009

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Category: Policy Issues

big–ben.jpgA dozen organisations representing UK bioscience have published their answers, many of them detailed, to 72 questions posed by the UK Home Office. The Home Office consulted stakeholders about EU proposals for a new Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. 

The document, was submitted to the Home Office at the beginning of July. The Home Office inquiry follows publication of the original Commission proposal in November 2008, and the plenary vote which finalised the first reading in the European Parliament in May 2009. At this time the Commission accepted a minority of the Parliament’s amendments but did not support many that are crucial to continued biomedical research using animals in Europe.

Thus the position of the UK Government when engaging in the first reading with the Council of the European Union is of considerable significance.

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