#WW award for Zebrafish article in Wellcome News

19 October 2011

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globe–wednesday–winner.jpgThe article by Emma James in the latest Wellcome News looks into why zebra fish have become so important in genetics research.

Danio rerio are small tropical fish that originate from the river Ganges. Today, they are used to study the developmental biology of vertebrates. The zebra fish embryos are transparent, so researchers can watch development as it happens.

Zebrafish are ideal research organisms as they are small and robust, and so are easy to look after in large numbers as we saw for ourselves today while filming for our next short film in a university research facility in London. In this case, around 400 tanks held thousands of fish.

This is very nicely illustrated article and gives a good summary of why zebrafish are important in research.

Read Emma's article on pages 24-25 here.