Website spotlight: A Researchers' Guide to Communications

7 May 2009

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Category: Communications & media

presentation–slide.jpgUnderstanding Animal Research has a new booklet offering advice to researchers who want to be more open about their work. The Researchers' Guide to Communications comes two and a half years after the Communications Handbook and was created following conversations with over 1,000 scientists and presentations in research institutions across the UK. In the Guide we consider and address the concerns and issues that a number of scientists have raised.

More and more institutions are now adopting open communications policies and scientists feel more confident when talking about the animal research aspect of their work. This handy guide aims to support those scientists who want to be open with tips and advice. It also encourages those who are hesitant to talk by attempting to deconstruct certain myths and fears about communications, while also highlighting specific examples of openness.

The Guide is the latest addition to the website resources available in our comprehensive online document library. All are available to download and many can also be requested in hard copy.