UAR sets up Science Action Network

7 September 2012

Posted by: UAR news team

Category: Communications & media

protest–signs.jpgBrushing your teeth – 25 minutes per week.

Queuing – 75 minutes per week.

Blinking – 5 hours per week.

Time taken to play your part in defending biomedical research – just 5 minutes every week.

Understanding Animal Research is setting up a new Science Action Network to encourage you to respond to misinformation about animal research.

Animal research remains a hot topic, with many spurious and misinformed claims made by animal rights groups and frequent mistakes made by journalists- over the issue of cosmetic testing for instance - illegal in the UK since 1998.

We need your help to provide accurate information about animal research – commenting on news articles, emailing misinformed editors and voting on polls - we want to make sure that those speaking for research are those who understand the research.

So we are asking you for just 5 minutes of your time each week to respond to claims made by animal rights groups. By following us on Twitter (@animalevidence) and Facebook (Understanding Animal Research) you can be updated on the latest misinformation alerts, as well as submitting your own by using the #ARnonsense (Animal Rights nonsense) hashtag on Twitter.

We look forward to working together with you in this campaign.