This House would not ban all forms of animal research

23 October 2013

Posted by: UAR news team

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oxford–university–debate.jpgThe Big Animal Research Debate, an event organised by UAR and IDEA UK, took place in thirty universities last week. With almost all the results in one thing is clear – students would not vote to ban all forms of animal research. The Big Animal Research debate saw 30 universities as well as a number of schools hold debates on animal research over the course of four days as part of Biology Week.

According to a report in the Times Higher Education, “Some of the world’s leading university debaters took part, along with guest speakers on both sides of the argument involved in the wider discussion on animal rights and animal research.” Universities involved included Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, UCL and Imperial College.

In every debate which has returned results (29 of 30), the motion that “This House would ban all forms of animal research” has been defeated. Over 2,000 student votes were counted, with an average of four out of five students rejecting a ban on animal experiments.

The event was organised by Understanding Animal Research in partnership with the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) UK, the world’s leading provider of debate education. It was endorsed by eminent science societies, current and former science ministers and a number of advocacy organisations.

A large number of debates are available to watch online including:

Cambridge -


Warwick -

Manchester -

Imperial -


Liverpool -

Wendy Jarrett, CEO for Understanding Animal Research said:

“The debates were a fantastic chance for many students to be introduced to this difficult issue. I hope many will take the time to research the subject further and reflect on what they heard during the debates.”