The Concordat survey has now closed

4 November 2013

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survey.jpgWe want your opinion about the draft Concordat and hope you can take the ten minutes it takes to fill in a questionnaire. This is the next stage in the process of developing the Concordat on Openness. We have already published of the results of a Public Dialogue looking at attitudes to animal research and openness.

UAR are asking stakeholders and members of the public to give their views on the draft concordat on openness in animal research so that the end results can be as useful as possible.

The Public Dialogue looked in-depth at public expectations of research institutions’ openness around animal research, and how they can best provide information to the public. Learnings from the Dialogue has led to the development of the Condordat’s current form, and the Dialogue report, along with an interim evaluation of the work are available on the Sciencewise website.

More than 50 organisations from across the bioscience sector have contributed to the development of the Concordat, which sets out commitments by the sector to be clear about how, when and why animals are used in research, and to be proactive in providing information to the public.

The present consultation takes the form of a web-based survey, and we urge anyone with a view on animal research to participate in the consultation and help to shape the final Concordat. The survey will be available on the UAR website until 5pm on December 16.