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21 May 2009

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Category: Communications & media

uar–facebook.jpgIt's just become even easier to follow our activities on the internet. Not only can you sign up to our newsletter, and subscribe to our RSS news feeds, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Our new Facebook page, allows you to become a fan, tell us what you think on our wall, and get updates on what's going on in the world of animal research every week.

We have also started to ‘tweet' all our news stories on our brand new Twitter page. We're called animalevidence, and for those unfamiliar with Twitter, it's a great way to subscribe to lots of sites and get all the information delivered on a single page.

Our new YouTube channel, gives you the chance not only to watch our videos from the website, but also comment about them, add them to your pages, your favourites, and rate them.

Whichever way you prefer to get your information on the internet, we're sure there'll be something out there for you.