#AR nonsense campaign update

13 November 2012

Posted by: UAR news team

Category: Communications & media

science–action–network–graph.jpegIn September 2012 Understanding Animal Research set up the Science Action Network which aims to engage scientists in debunking the myths propagated about animal research across the internet. Using Facebook and Twitter - and the hashtag #ARnonsense - we alert our followers to misinformation in news articles, comment sections and polls across the web and ask them to dedicate just five minutes per week to responding to the varying spurious claims made.

Our interventions have moved the average article from having 60% of comments against animal experiments, to around 60% of comments in favour, and our initiative is gaining momentum. Where we have intervened in polls the support for research has averaged above 70% (from around 40% pre-intervention).

Already several major science organisations have begun tweeting with the #ARnonsensehashtag, including the Physiological Society, to urge their members to help defend animal-based science. This article by Speaking of Research explains why it is important for us to respond to internet criticisms of animal research.

Please follow @animalevidence and @ARnonsenseRT on Twitter and join the Understanding Animal Research Facebook group so you too can participate in such activities. You don’t even need a social media account – just google “@ARnonsenseRT” and click the top link – from there you can see a list of tweets posted with links to articles in need of response. Also keep an eye on our Facebook for a selection of #ARnonsense links.

To help you respond we've listed forty one-liners here and we've also added links to myth-busting arguments on our social action page. So we look forwarding to you joining us in spending just five minutes a week to respond to #ARnonsense.