1000+ on Twitter, 2000+ on Facebook & subtitles on Youtube

11 December 2012

Posted by: UAR news team

Category: Communications & media

mile–stone.jpgUnderstanding Animal Research reached two social media milestones this week with our Facebook group reaching over 2,000 “likes” and our Twitter account passing 1,000 followers. Both of these achievements reflect and support the success of the Science Action Network – an initiative which urges scientifically minded people around the world to reply to misinformation propagated about animal research around the internet using the hashtag #ARnonsense.

The Science Action Network has also been busy lately creating a new webpage (alternatively click on “about us” and “The Science Action Network”) where anyone can view a list of #ARnonsense that needs responding to. We have also created “Forty Reasons Why We Need Animals in Research”, to help our supporters to craft arguments in support of use of animal models in biomedical research.

The results? Scientists have been employing the #ARnonsense hashtag in greater number – successfully urging the BBC to change the inaccurate title of on article about public attitudes to animal research, completely debunking a recent Mirror article and continuing to balance out arguments that were once dominated by individuals opposing animal research.

And lastly, we’ve just started adding subtitles to our videos on our youtube channel to increase their accessibility.