European Science Action Network

8 October 2014

Posted by: Richard Scrase

Category: Antivivisection & extremism

ar-nonsense-campaign-update.jpgThe Science Action Network is a social media campaign for scientists and animal research supporters to mobilise online support for research. The Science Action Network particularly aims to debunk animal research misinformation, typically by responding to newspaper and online articles in the comments section.

The myths and misinformation about animal research published in newspapers and online help to explain the fall in support for animal research in Europe.

Understanding Animal Research originally launched the Science Action Network social media campaign to help supporters of biomedical research debunk some of this pseudoscience and the network has had some notable successes such as changing the responses to for/against online petitions.

Now the Science Action Network is to be managed and further developed by the European Animal Research Association (EARA). EARA’s mission is to embrace the animal debate in a collective and international context to uphold the benefits of biomedical animal research throughout Europe. 

EARA will develop the Science Action Network to help mobilise support for animal research in all European countries; so if you have not all ready please join the Science Action network and spend 5 minutes per week de-bunking animal rights misinformation.

See it, Tweet it!
The idea is simple - we ask people to tweet links that contain misleading or incorrect information about animal research with the hashtag #ARnonsense. It works best to tweet links where people can take an action e.g. leave a comment, vote on a poll, or write a letter to an editor.

Please follow @ARnonsenseRT on Twitter, then your tweet will be re-tweeted to everyone in the Science Action Network (those following @ARnonsenseRT). By keeping an eye on the@ARnonsenseRT account on Twitter (you don’t even need a Twitter account to do this), or by searching for #ARnonsense on Twitter you will see posted links which you can visit and leave a comment.