What we do

We aim to achieve a broad understanding of the humane use of animals in medical, veterinary, scientific and environmental research and to do this we seek to engage with and inform members of the public, the media, policy makers, schools and the scientific research community.

Understanding Animal Research provides information and educational materials based on thorough research and understanding of the facts, historical and scientific, find them in our resources section.

We also run a schools programme what takes animal technologists and scientists into schools to talk about their work. You can book a visit here.



UAR is runs a variety of communications workshops. These workshops have taken place at locations such as The Francis Crick Institute in London and at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and can be scheduled to be presented at your institution.
Workshops are free for up to 4 staff from UAR member organisations per year. This means you can have 4 staff in 1 workshop OR 1 person in 4 different sessions. For 5 or more attendees you will be charged the non-member rate per person.
For non-members, each workshop costs £325 + VAT per person.
Please see below for details of our current workshops. We can also create bespoke sessions. If you would like to arrange a training session please contact Hannah Hobson: hhobson@uar.org.uk

Animal research policy: how to maintain a supportive operating environment

This workshop is for those interested in protecting against policy threats through political engagement. From spotting threats to reacting effectively to them, this day can show you the best ways to prepare, while sharing best practice among participants.

Opening up: engaging with the public on animal research

This workshop is for those whose work involves the use of animals in research, and who want to feel more confident to talk about it with those outside the lab.

Telling stories online using social media, websites, and video

This is a workshop for those who are interested in communicating animal research online. We will guide you through telling stories about animal research via websites, social media and how you can use your smartphone to make short videos. 

Talking to the media

This is a small group workshop where participants present their science story to the camera. We playback the videos and develop the ability to speak to a general audience. This course was designed for people who are likely to be asked by their institution to talk to the press on camera.

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